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The Local Government Area Report (LGA) report is a publication of LGA Research (Australia) and is produced for the purposes of providing a general overview of a local Government Area (“Report”). The information provided in the Report is not intended to constitute financial or investment advice, and it has not taken into account and has no knowledge of or relationship to the particular investment needs, objectives or circumstances (whether financial or otherwise) of a user of the information contained in the Report. By using the Report the recipient acknowledges that:
The Report is produced using data supplied to LGA Research (Australia) by various third-party suppliers of relevant property information. Neither LGA Research (Australia), relevant third-party information sources, or any of their officers, employees or agents give any warranties nor accepts any liability for any decision with respect to investment or non-investment, sale or purchase of residential (or other) property which is made as a consequence of using this Report. LGA Research (Australia) and third-party information suppliers believe that the statements, information, recommendations, calculations, data and graphs contained in the Report are correct and not misleading but give no warranty in relation thereto and expressly disclaim any liability for the loss or damage which may arise from any person acting or deciding not to act partly or wholly on the basis of any statements, information, recommendations, calculations, data or graphs.
The recipient, having paid the relevant fee for this Report, is entitled to hold a single copy, but is not entitled to make copies of the Report or extract data and use it in the production of other reports. Note that LGA Research (Australia) and/or relevant third-party information suppliers will take legal action against any party which wrongly uses, or breaches the copyright interests in, the data provided herein. All interests and rights in the said copyright are reserved to LGA Research (Australia) and/or third-party information suppliers.